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You enjoy sharing recipes, pearls of wisdom, and experiences with others on their journey of unboxing their kitchen. 

We are a community of home cooks and bakers, lovers of delicious food, health coaches, and professionals with a passion to explore the elements for a healthier life.

Inspire Someone to UnBox

We have a complex, yet simple, relationship with food. It is the energy that fuels our life. UnBoxing your kitchen is a broad subject, and a delicious one at that.

Share your story; you could help someone to find the encouragement for wellness, feel less alone in their situation, or simply add some pizzazz to meal-time. You are invited to share your favorite ‘unboxed’ recipes with our audience.

Couple looking at recipes

UnBox Your Kitchen entices visitors to discover the joys of home cooked meals with our easy to prepare recipes, helpful kitchen tips and articles.

Audience Interest
Improved eating habits
Weight loss
Healthy recipes and cooking methods
Nutritional information
Reduce/eliminate consumption of manufactured foods
Reduce/eliminate consumption of refined sugar
Holistic well-being
Deeper connection to Self-improvement
Learn how to prepare homemade meals
Explore various diets (paleo, vegan, vegetarian & etc)
Healthier meals for family

Writer’s Guidelines

General Agreements & Policies

We are committed to supporting, inspiring and educating writers by providing them with a place that is both heart-centered and informational.

CKKochis, LLC does not compensate for editorial content. Submission of stories, articles, recipes, and confirmation of receipt of article is not a statement of acceptance that the story/article/recipe will appear on the UnBox Your Kitchen website, newsletters and/or associated publications. It is understood that in submitting an article for consideration does not guarantee it will be published.

Together we are creating a community of readers with the intent of sharing kindness, love, and support.

Content & Tone

UnBox Your Kitchen is a life enhancing, health and wellness community dedicated to encourage our readers to explore ways to balance the workplace, relationships, spirituality and body movement – health and wellness is not only about the food we eat. We do not accept infomercials or sales pitches. All promotional material(s) for a product, services or business submitted for editorial content will be considered advertising and will be billed accordingly.

The voice of UnBox Your Kitchen is casual, loving, somewhat sassy, uplifting, informative, and encouraging.

Publication & Editing

It is your responsibility to submit publication-ready articles/stories/recipes. You must proofread and edit your work before submitting.

It is understood that submissions considered for publishing may appear on the UnBox Your Kitchen website, its newsletters and/or within associated publications. All accepted submissions are subject to editing. The Editorial Team reserves the right to edit all writer contributions for clarity or length. Changes (sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, lengths) will be made at the discretion of the editorial team. Submissions may be edited as necessary to comply with our editorial standards. All headlines, subheads, table of contents copy, captions, and other miscellaneous related editorial copy may be written and edited with our editorial standards.

We publish original, first-run articles and stories.  If an article submitted to UnBox Your Kitchen has appeared in any other publication in the past year, please note that in your submission. Only nonfiction articles, stories, and recipes are considered.

Your voice is authentic, and we will do what we can to maintain your authenticity.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Respect the copyrights and trademarks of others. Unless you’re authorized to use someone else’s copyrighted work or trademark (either expressly or by legal exceptions and limitations like fair use), don’t do it.


The total length of the stories and articles submitted for consideration should be 100 to 1,200 words (including sidebars).

Expectations of Contributor Writers

Please read before submitting.
By submitting your article, story and/or recipe to UnBox Your Kitchen, you agree to share multiple posts in your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) throughout the first month its published, and at least one promotional mention in your newsletter, if your submission is accepted.

We value and respect the collaboration partnership and support of our writers.

Submit Your Story

Please submit your story or article query by completing the Pitch An Article form below. When article/story is accepted, we will notify you via the email address on the form. We may request a corresponding photograph(s) and information. Please note: All photographs/images must include the name of the photographer/designer and their permission to publish it.

Submit Your Recipe

Please [click here] to submit a recipe. If the recipe is accepted, we will notify you via the email address on the form. We may request a corresponding photograph(s) and information. Please note: All photographs/images must include the name of the photographer/designer and their permission to publish it.


Published articles, stories and recipes will include the contributor writer’s byline (from the submission form).


Members of the UnBoxing Contributors (coming soon) membership are given the opportunity to list a 75-word* (or less) biography with one web link. As a courtesy, your biography will be added to the Contributor’s page for a minimum of six months after the most recent published article date.*

Biography includes: your name, business name (if applicable), your title/role, brief description of your services and what you do for a living, titles of the books you’ve published, website or blog.**

*Individuals contributing a recipe without an article or accompanying story will have a byline only.
**The Editor has the right to edit, and refuse, biographies for content, spelling and grammar errors, number of words and etc.

Please note: the editing team will edit biographies longer than 75 words to fit our format.

Thank you.

Please note: The rules, guidelines, and policies on this page may change without notice.  Be sure to review this page each time you submit an article, story or recipe. Last update: November 22, 2023.

The Editorial Team has full right to deny and edit any submission for any reason.

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